Part Number


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products
Short Description Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
Long Description www.DataSheet.co.kr 19-6154; Rev 0; 12/11 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE MAX15101 Small 1A, Low-Dropout Linear Regulator in

Datasheet : MAX15101

  • MAX151 300kHz 10-Bit A/D Converter with Refrence and T/H
  • MAX1510 Low-Voltage DDR Linear Regulators
  • MAX15101 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
  • MAX15101EWL Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
  • MAX15102 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
  • MAX15103 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
  • MAX15104 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
  • MAX15108 Current-Mode Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator
  • MAX15108A Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator
  • MAX15109 Current-Mode Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator
  • MAX15112 Current-Mode Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
  • MAX15118 Current-Mode Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
  • MAX1512 EEPROM-Programmable TFT VCOM Calibrator
  • MAX1513 TFT-LCD Power-Supply Controllers
  • MAX1514 TFT-LCD Power-Supply Controllers
  • MAX1515 Step-Down/DDR Regulator
  • MAX1516 (MAX1516 - MAX1518) TFT-LCD DC-DC Converters
  • MAX1516A TFT-LCD DC-DC Converters
  • MAX1517 (MAX1516 - MAX1518) TFT-LCD DC-DC Converters
  • MAX1517A TFT-LCD DC-DC Converters
  • MAX1518 (MAX1516 - MAX1518) TFT-LCD DC-DC Converters
  • MAX1518A TFT-LCD DC-DC Converters
  • MAX1518B TFT-LCD DC-DC Converter
  • MAX1519 (MAX1519 / MAX1545) Quick-PWM Controllers
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