Vitesse Semiconductor
Part Number VSC8161
Manufacturer Vitesse Semiconductor
Title 2.488Gb/s SONET / SDH 16:1 Mux
Description The VSC8161 combines a Laser Driver and a clock multiplier with a 16:1 multiplexer to provide a singlechip solution. The 16-bit data word is latch...
• 16:1 Multiplexer Integrated with Clock Multiplier and Laser Driver
• Monolithic Phase Locked Loop
• Laser Driver Provides up to 110 mA Current
• Differential 16-bit Parallel Data
• 100 pin 14x14 Plastic Quad Flat Package
• Jitter Generation Meets SONET OC-48 and SDH STM-16 Requirements
• Companio...

Published Feb 2, 2017
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Vitesse Semiconductor
Part Number VSC8164
Manufacturer Vitesse Semiconductor
Title 2.488 Gbit/sec to 2.7Gbit/sec 1:16 SONET/SDH Demux
Description The VSC8164 is a 1:16 demultiplexer for use in SONET/SDH systems operating at a standard 2.488Gb/s data rate or forward error correction (FEC) dat.
• 2.488Gb/s 1:16 Demultiplexer
• Targeted for SONET OC-48 / SDH STM-16 Applications
• Supports FEC rates up to 2.7Gb/s
• Differential LVPECL Low Speed Interface
• Single +3.3V Supply
• 128 Pin 14x20mm PQFP Package General Description The VSC8164 is a 1:16 demultiplexer for use in SONET/SDH systems.

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Vitesse Semiconductor
Part Number VSC8162
Manufacturer Vitesse Semiconductor
Title 2.488 Gbit/sec SONET/SDH 1:16 Demux
Description The VSC8162 combines a clock recovery unit (CRU) with a 1:16 demultiplexer on a single chip to directly generate 16-bit wide data from an incoming.
• 2.488Gb/s 1:16 Demux with Integrated Clock and Data Recovery
• Recovered Clock and Data Available
• Monolithic Phase Locked Loop
• Digitally Adjustable Serial Data Sampling Point
• Differential Low Speed Outputs
• Differential/Single-ended Reference Clock
• Loss of Lock Detection
• Meets SONET OC.

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