Part Number VS-4EVH02-M3
Manufacturer Vishay (https://www.vishay.com/)
Title Hyperfast Rectifier
Description / APPLICATIONS State of the art hyper fast recovery rectifiers with optimized performance of forw...
• Hyperfast recovery time
• 175 °C max. operating junction temperature
• Low forward voltage drop reduced Qrr and soft recovery
• Low leakage current
• Very low profile - typical height of 1.3 mm
• Ideal for automated placement
• Polyimide passivation for high reliability standard
• Meets MSL level ...

Published May 30, 2019
Datasheet PDF File VS-4EVH02-M3 File

VS-4EVH02-M3   VS-4EVH02-M3   VS-4EVH02-M3  

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