Part Number VS-20ETS16PbF
Manufacturer Vishay (https://www.vishay.com/)
Title Input Rectifier Diode
Description High voltage rectifiers optimized for very low forward voltage drop with moderate leakage. These devices are intended for use in main rectificatio...
• Very low forward voltage drop
• 150 °C max. operating junction temperature
• Glass passivated pellet chip junction
• Designed and qualified according to JEDEC®-JESD 47
• Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see www.vishay.com/doc?99912 Available APPLICATIONS
• Input rec...

Published Jun 21, 2017
Datasheet PDF File VS-20ETS16PbF File

VS-20ETS16PbF   VS-20ETS16PbF   VS-20ETS16PbF  

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