Part Number STF3LN62K3
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics (https://www.st.com/)
Title N-channel Power MOSFET
Description These devices are made using the SuperMESH3™ Power MOSFET technology that is obtained via improvements applied to STMicroelectronics’ SuperMESH™ ...
Features Order codes VDSS RDS(on) max ID PD STD3LN62K3 STF3LN62K3 STP3LN62K3 STU3LN62K3 620 V <3Ω 2.5 A 2.5 A(1) 2.5 A 2.5 A 45 W 20 W 45 W 45 W 1. Limited by package
■ 100% avalanche tested
■ Extremely high dv/dt capability
■ Very low intrinsic capacitance
■ Improved diode reverse recovery chara...

Published Jan 24, 2019
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STF3LN62K3   STF3LN62K3   STF3LN62K3  

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