PFC Device
Part Number PFR60L45PT-L
Manufacturer PFC Device
Title MOS Schottky Rectifier
Description PFR60L45PT PFR60L45PT-L PFC Device Corporation 60A 45V MOS Schottky Rectifier Major ratings and characteristics Characteristics IF(AV) Rectangul...
Features  Low Forward Voltage Drop  Reliable High Temperature Operation  Softest, fast switching capability  150oC Operating Junction Temperature  Lead Free Finish, RoHS Compliant Typical Applications Device optimized for low forward voltage drop to maximize efficiency in Power Supply applications PFR...

Published Aug 24, 2018
Datasheet PDF File PFR60L45PT-L File

PFR60L45PT-L   PFR60L45PT-L   PFR60L45PT-L  

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