Part Number MP5496
Manufacturer MPS
Title Power Management
Description The MP5496 is a complete power management solution that integrates four high-efficiency, stepdown DC/DC converters, five low-dropout (LDO) regulat...
Features include undervoltage lockout (UVLO), over-current protection (OCP), and thermal shutdown. The output voltage is adjustable through the I2C interface, or can be preset by the one-time programmable (OTP) function. The start-up and shutdown sequences can be configured via the OTP. By using the I2C or O...

Published Jan 8, 2023
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Part Number MP5493
Manufacturer MPS
Title Synchronous Buck Supercapacitor Charger/Boost
Description The MP5493 is an energy backup and management unit that provides a very compact and efficient energy management solution for the power line carrie.
• Wide 5V to 36V Operating Input Voltage (VIN)
• Real-Time Input Shutdown Detection to Enable Boost Mode
• Input Status Indicator
• Buck Converter: o 600mA Continuous Output Current (IOUT) o 600mΩ/320mΩ Internal Power MOSFETs o Power-Save Mode for Light Loads o Internal Soft Start (SS) o Low-Dropout.

Datasheet PDF File MP5493 File

MP5493   MP5493   MP5493  

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