Agere Systems
Part Number L8575
Manufacturer Agere Systems
Title Low-Cost Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
Description The L8575 is a dual-resistive, low-cost subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) that is optimized to meet both ITU-T recommendations and LSSGR re...
Features s Two channels in a single package s Serial data interface s Per-channel powerdown s Low standby power (≤65 mW per channel) s Integrated protection s No external protection device required s Battery noise cancellation s Switchhook detector s Ring-trip detector s Switchhook and ring-trip detector sel...

Published Aug 3, 2018
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Agere Systems
Part Number L8576B
Manufacturer Agere Systems
Title Dual Ringing SLIC
Description The Agere Systems Inc. L8576B electronic dual subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) provides all the functions that are necessary to interface .
Features s Two SLIC channels for multiple tip/ring interfaces s On-chip balanced ringing generator, no ring relay required s Single battery operation or optional automatic bat- tery switch s Quiet battery reversal for on-hook signaling s Disconnect state s Distortion-free, on-hook transmission s 24 mA loop c.

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Agere Systems
Part Number L8574D
Manufacturer Agere Systems
Title Resistive SLIC / Ring Relay and Protector
Description The L8574 is a resistive subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) that is optimized for long loop applications, such as Bellcore TR-NWT-000057 req.
Features s Low-power scan mode for low on-hook power dissipation (55 mW max) s Low active power dissipation; talk or on-hook transmission (240 mW max) s Distortion-free on-hook transmission s Eight operating states via latched paralleled data inputs with channel select feature s Precision fixed 28 mA current .

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