Maxim Integrated Products
Part Number DS2756
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated (https://www.analog.com/) Products
Title High-Accuracy Battery Fuel Gauge
Description ...
Features ...

Published Jul 21, 2007
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Dallas Semiconductor
Part Number DS2755
Manufacturer Dallas Semiconductor
Title High-Accuracy Battery Fuel Gauge
Description The DS2755 high-precision battery fuel gauge is a data-acquisition and information-storage device tailored for cost-sensitive and space-constraine.
Features ƒ ƒ Snapshot Mode Allows Instantaneous Power Measurement Accurate Current Measurement for Coulomb Counting (Current Accumulation) - 2% ±4μV over ±64mV Input Range - 2% ±200μA over ±3.2A Range Using a 20mΩ Sense Resistor Current Measurement - 9-Bit Bidirectional Snapshot Measurement - 12-Bit Bidirect.

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Part Number DS27510
Manufacturer Sanyo
Title Color TV Manual
Description www..com AS Color TV Owner’s Manual Manuel d’instructions du télécouleur I Color TV Manual Del Propietario DS27510 Welcome to the Wor.
Features To meet the growing needs of our customers, this television has a “V-Chip” for parental controlled viewing. “Read this manual before assembling (or using) this product.” Need assistance? visit our web site at www.sanyoctv.com or call toll free 1-800-877-5032. CONTENTS Important Safety Tips . . . .

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Maxim Integrated Products
Part Number DS2751
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products
Title Multichemistry Fuel Garge
Description VIN VSS PIO VDD IS1 IS2 SNS DQ Voltage-Sense Input Device Ground Programmable I/O Pin Power-Supply Input (2.5V to 5.5V) Current-Sense Input Curren.
Features § Available in Two Configurations - Internal 25mW Sense Resistor - External User-Selectable Sense Resistor Current Measurement - 12-Bit Bidirectional Measurement - Internal Sense Resistor Configuration: 0.625mA LSB and ±1.9A Dynamic Range - External Sense Resistor Configuration: 15.625mV LSB and ±64.

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Dallas Semiconducotr
Part Number DS275
Manufacturer Dallas Semiconducotr
Title Line-Powered RS-232 Transceiver Chip
Description - RS-232 Receiver Output - Transmit driver +V - RS-232 Driver Input - System Ground (0V) - RS-232 Driver Output - No Connection - RS-232 Receive I.
Features Low-power serial transmitter/receiver for battery-backed systems Transmitter steals power from receive signal line to save power Ultra-low static current, even when connected to RS-232-E port Variable transmitter level from +5 to +12 volts Compatible with RS-232-E signals Available in 8-pin, 150 mil.

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