Part Number AN-SY8105
Manufacturer Silergy
Title Synchronous Step Down Regulator
Description The SY8105 is a high efficiency 500 kHz synchronous step-down DC-DC converter capable of delivering 5.0A current. The SY8105 operates over a wide...
• low RDS(ON) for internal switches (top/bottom): 40mΩ/26mΩ
• 4.5-18V input voltage range
• 5.0A output current capability
• 500 kHz switching frequency
• Instant PWM architecture to achieve fast transient responses.
• Internal softstart limits the inrush current
• Cycle-by-cycle peak current limita...

Published Nov 20, 2015
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AN-SY8105   AN-SY8105   AN-SY8105  

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