Part Number 11-MD124
Manufacturer SiTi
Title Bi-Directional Motor Driver
Description Output sinking / driving pin. Power supply pin. Ground pin Output sinking / driving pin. Output sinking / driving pin. Ground pin Ground pin Outpu...
Features and Benefits l l l l l Low voltage operation ( VDD min = 1.5V ) Low saturation voltage Optimal for 2 phase excitation drive for 2-phase stepping motors High output sinking and driving capability Thin, highly reliable package (MSOP-10) Pin Assignment PIN NO. PIN NAME 1 O4 VDD GND O3 O1 EN GND O2 IN...

Published Oct 14, 2007
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11-MD124   11-MD124   11-MD124  


Part Number 11-MD123
Manufacturer SiTi
Title Bi-directional Motor Driver
Description 11-MD123 Version : A.006 Issue Date : 2006/02/21 File Name : SP-MD123-A.006.doc Total Pages : 8 Low-saturation, Low-voltage Bi-directional M.
Features and Benefits z Low voltage operation ( VDD min = VS1 min = VS2 min = 1.5V ) z Low saturation voltage ( Upper transistor + low transistor residual voltage; 0.5V typ. at 400mA) z Parallel connection ( two-channel driver: Upper transistor + low transistor residual; 0.6V typ. a.

Datasheet PDF File 11-MD123 File

11-MD123   11-MD123   11-MD123  

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