Part Number VLMK233U1AA-GS08
Manufacturer Vishay (https://www.vishay.com/)
Title Power Mini SMD LED
Description The new MiniLED series has been designed in a small white SMT package. The feature of the device is the very small package 2.3 mm x 1.3 mm x 1.4 m...
• Utilizing latest advanced AlInGaP technology
• Available in 8 mm tape
• Luminous intensity and color categorized per packing unit
• Luminous intensity ratio per packing unit IVmax./IVmin. ≤ 1.6
• ESD-withstand voltage: up to 2 kV according to JESD22-A114-B
• Preconditioning according to JEDEC® lev...

Published Jan 18, 2014
Datasheet PDF File VLMK233U1AA-GS08 File

VLMK233U1AA-GS08   VLMK233U1AA-GS08   VLMK233U1AA-GS08  

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