Vanguard International Semiconductor
Part Number VG36128801BT
Manufacturer Vanguard International Semiconductor
Title CMOS Synchronous Dynamic RAM
Description 16 x 4 (word x bit x bank), respectively. VG36128401BT / VG36128801BT / VG36128161BT CMOS Synchronous Dynamic RAM The VG36128401B, VG36128801B a...
• Single 3.3V ( ± 0.3V ) power supply
• High speed clock cycle time -7H: 133MHz<2-2-2>, -7L: 133MHz<3-3-3>, -8H: 100MHz<2-2-2>
• Fully synchronous operation referenced to clock rising edge
• Possible to assert random column access in every cycle
• Quad internal banks controlled by BA0 & BA1 (Bank Se...

Published Apr 16, 2005
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VG36128801BT   VG36128801BT   VG36128801BT  

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