Part Number


Manufacturer Siemens
Short Description PCB relays
Long Description Miniature Relays P1 Product Information Miniature Relay P1 V23026 PCB relays – Pin or SMD – for DC operation, pol

Datasheet : V23026

  • V23003 Signal Relays
  • V23003 Cradle Relay
  • V23005 Cradle Relay
  • V23005 Signal Relays
  • V23016-A0xxx Kleinschaltrelais N
  • V23016-B0xxx Kleinschaltrelais N
  • V23016-C0xxx Kleinschaltrelais N
  • V23016-D0xxx-Ax0x Kleinschaltrelais N
  • V23016-D0xxx-Ax9x Kleinschaltrelais N
  • V23026 Signal Relays
  • V23026 PCB relays
  • V23030 Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-A1xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-A2xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-C1xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-C2xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-H1xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-H2xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-J1xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23030-J2xxx Kartenrelais SN
  • V23042 Small relay
  • V23042 High Dielectric Polarized PC Board Relay
  • V23042-A2001-B101 Small relay
  • V23042-A2001-B101 High Dielectric Polarized PC Board Relay
  • V23042-A2001-B201 Small relay
  • V23042-A2003-B101 Small relay
  • V23042-A2003-B101 High Dielectric Polarized PC Board Relay
  • V23042-A2003-B201 Small relay
  • V23042-A2005-B101 Small relay
  • V23042-A2005-B101 High Dielectric Polarized PC Board Relay
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