Part Number


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated
Short Description Current-Mode PWM DC-DC Converters
Long Description 19-0165; Rev 2; 1/96 MAX730A/MAX738A/MAX744A 5V, Step-Down, Current-Mode PWM DC-DC Converters __________________Gener

Datasheet : MAX738A

  • MAX730 5V / Step-Down / Current-Mode PWM DC-DC Converters
  • MAX7300 20-Port or 28-Port I/O Expander
  • MAX7301 20-Port and 28-Port I/O Expander
  • MAX730A Current-Mode PWM DC-DC Converters
  • MAX731 +5V/Adjustable Step-Up Current-Mode DC-DC Converters
  • MAX7310 2-Wire-Interfaced 8-Bit I/O Port Expander
  • MAX7311 2-Wire-Interfaced 16-Bit I/O Port Expander
  • MAX7312 2-Wire-Interfaced 16-Bit I/O Port Expander
  • MAX7313 16-Port I/O Expander
  • MAX7314 18-Port GPIO
  • MAX7315 8-Port I/O Expander
  • MAX7316 10-Port I/O Expander
  • MAX7317 10-Port SPI-Interfaced I/O Expander
  • MAX7318 2-Wire-Interfaced I/O Port Expander
  • MAX7319 I2C Port Expander
  • MAX732 +12V/+15V Step-Up Current-Mode Pwm Regulators
  • MAX7320 I2C Port Expander
  • MAX7321 I2C Port Expander
  • MAX7322 I2C Port Expander
  • MAX7324 I2C Port Expander
  • MAX7325 I2C Port Expander
  • MAX7327 I2C Port Expander
  • MAX733 +12V/+15V Step-Up Current-Mode Pwm Regulators
  • MAX734 +12V / 120mA Flash Memory Programming Supply
  • MAX735 -5V/Adjustable / Negative-Output /Inverting / Current-mode PWM Regulators
  • MAX7359 2-Wire Interfaced Low-EMI Key Switch Controller/GPO
  • MAX736 -5V /-12V /-15V / and Adjustable Inverting Current-Mode PWM Regulators
  • MAX7360 Key-Switch Controller And LED Driver/GPIOs
  • MAX7367 (MAX7367 - MAX7369) 4-Channel I2C Switches / Multiplexer
  • MAX7368 (MAX7367 - MAX7369) 4-Channel I2C Switches / Multiplexer
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