Part Number


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated
Short Description High-Precision Coulomb Counter
Long Description www.maxim-ic.com FEATURES ƒ 15-Bit Bidirectional Current Measurement (DS2740U) ƒ 1.56μV LSB and ±51.2mV Dynamic Rang

Datasheet : DS2740

  • DS2703 SHA-1 Battery Pack Authentication IC
  • DS2704 1280-Bit EEPROM
  • DS2705 SHA-1 Authentication Master
  • DS2710 Single-Cell NiMH Charger
  • DS2711 (DS2711 / DS2712) Loose Cell NiMH Chargers
  • DS2712 (DS2711 / DS2712) Loose Cell NiMH Chargers
  • DS2714 Quad Loose Cell NiMH Charger
  • DS2715 NiMH Battery Pack Charge Controller
  • DS2720 Efficient/ Addressable Single-Cell Rechargeable Lithium Protection IC
  • DS2726 5-Cell to 10-Cell Li+ Protector
  • DS2731 Cache-Memory Battery-Backup Management
  • DS2740 High-Precision Coulomb Counter
  • DS2741 Current Monitor and Accumulator
  • DS2745 Low-Cost I2C Battery Monitor
  • DS2746 Low-Cost 2-Wire Battery Monitor
  • DS275 Line-Powered RS-232 Transceiver Chip
  • DS2751 Multichemistry Fuel Garge
  • DS27510 Color TV Manual
  • DS2755 High-Accuracy Battery Fuel Gauge
  • DS2756 High-Accuracy Battery Fuel Gauge
  • DS276 Low Power Transceiver
  • DS2760 High-Precision Li+ Battery Monitor
  • DS2764 High-Precision Li+ Battery Monitor
  • DS2770 Battery Monitor and Charge Controller
  • DS2775 2-Cell Stand-Alone Li+ Fuel-Gauge
  • DS2776 2-Cell Stand-Alone Li+ Fuel-Gauge
  • DS2777 2-Cell Stand-Alone Li+ Fuel-Gauge
  • DS2778 2-Cell Stand-Alone Li+ Fuel-Gauge
  • DS2780 Standalone Fuel Gauge
  • DS2781 1-Cell or 2-Cell Standalone Fuel Gauge
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