Part Number


Manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products
Short Description (DS1341 / DS1342) Low-Current I2C RTCs
Long Description 19-4998; Rev 0; 10/09 Low-Current I2C RTCs for High-ESR Crystals General Description The DS1341/DS1342 low-current real

Datasheet : DS1341

  • DS1300-3 AC-DC / Distributed Power Front-End 2U
  • DS1302 Trickle-Charge Timekeeping Chip
  • DS1302 Trickle Charge Timekeeping Chip
  • DS1305 Serial Alarm Real-Time Clock
  • DS1306 Serial Alarm Real-Time Clock
  • DS1307 64 X 8 Serial Real Time Clock
  • DS1307 Real-Time Clock
  • DS1308 Low-Current I2C RTC
  • DS1312 Nonvolatile Controller
  • DS1314 3V Nonvolatile Controller
  • DS1315 Phantom Time
  • DS1318 Parallel-Interface Elapsed Time Counter
  • DS1321 Flexible Nonvolatile Controller
  • DS1330AB (DS1330Y / DS1330AB) 256k Nonvolatile SRAM
  • DS1330W 3.3V 256K Nonvolatile SRAM
  • DS1330Y (DS1330Y / DS1330AB) 256k Nonvolatile SRAM
  • DS1336 Afterburner Chip
  • DS1337 I2C Serial Real-Time Clock
  • DS1338 I2C RTC
  • DS1339 I2C Serial Real-Time Clock
  • DS1339A Serial Real-Time Clock
  • DS1339B Serial Real-Time Clock
  • DS1340 I2C RTC
  • DS1341 (DS1341 / DS1342) Low-Current I2C RTCs
  • DS1342 (DS1341 / DS1342) Low-Current I2C RTCs
  • DS1343 (DS1343 / DS1344) Low-Current SPI/3-Wire RTCs
  • DS1344 (DS1343 / DS1344) Low-Current SPI/3-Wire RTCs
  • DS1345AB 1024k Nonvolatile SRAM
  • DS1345BL 1024K Nonvolatile SRAM
  • DS1345W 1024k Nonvolatile SRAM
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