Part Number


Manufacturer NXP
Short Description Dual 4-Input NAND gate
Long Description INTEGRATED CIRCUITS 74ALS20A Dual 4-Input NAND gate Product specification IC05 Data Handbook 1996 Jul 01 Philips Semic

Datasheet : 74ALS20A

  • 74ALS20A Dual 4-Input NAND gate
  • 74ALS240A Octal 3-STATE Bus Driver
  • 74ALS240A Octal inverter buffer 3-State
  • 74ALS240A-1 Octal 3-STATE Bus Driver
  • 74ALS240A-1 Octal inverter buffer 3-State
  • 74ALS241A Octal 3-STATE Bus Driver
  • 74ALS241A Octal buffer 3-state
  • 74ALS241A-1 Octal buffer 3-state
  • 74ALS244A Octal buffer 3-State
  • 74ALS244A-1 Octal buffer 3-State
  • 74ALS245 Octal 3-State Noninverting Bus Transceiver
  • 74ALS245A Octal 3-STATE Bus Transceiver
  • 74ALS245A Octal transceiver 3-State
  • 74ALS245A-1 Octal transceiver 3-State
  • 74ALS251 8-input multiplexer 3-State
  • 74ALS253 Dual 4-input multiplexer 3-State
  • 74ALS257 Data selector/multiplexer
  • 74ALS258 Data selector/multiplexer
  • 74ALS27 Triple 3-Input NOR gate
  • 74ALS273 Octal D-type flip-flop
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