Part Number


Manufacturer National Semiconductor
Short Description Hex Inverting Gates
Long Description 5404 DM5404 DM7404 Hex Inverting Gates June 1989 5404 DM5404 DM7404 Hex Inverting Gates General Description This devic

Datasheet : 7404

  • 74ACTQ16374 16-Bit D Flip-Flop
  • 74ACTQ16646 16-Bit Transceiver/Register
  • 74ABT544D Octal latched transceiver
  • 74ABT244PW Octal buffer/line driver
  • 74ABT543APW Octal latched transceiver
  • 74ABT544PW Octal latched transceiver
  • 74ABT32D Quad 2-input OR gate
  • 74ABT245PW Octal transceiver
  • 74ABT244D Octal buffer/line driver
  • 74ABT20DB Dual 4-input NAND gate
  • 74ABT16245BDGG 16-bit bus transceiver
  • 74ABT16244ADGG 16-bit buffer/line driver
  • 74ABT16240ADGG 16-bit inverting buffer/line driver
  • 74ABT126PW Quad buffer
  • 74ABT125D Quad buffer
  • 74ABT00D Quad 2-input NAND gate
  • 74ABT74PW Dual D-type flip-flop
  • 74ABT74D Dual D-type flip-flop
  • 74ABT543ADB Octal latched transceiver
  • 74ABT543AD Octal latched transceiver
  • 74ABT544DB Octal latched transceiver
  • 74ABT32PW Quad 2-input OR gate
  • 74ABT245D Octal transceiver
  • 74ABT125BQ Quad buffer
  • 74ABT125PW Quad buffer
  • 74ABT126D Quad buffer
  • 74ABTH162245A 16-bit bus transceiver
  • 74ABT162245A 16-bit bus transceiver
  • 74ABT244 Octal buffer/line driver
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