Part Number MP3213
Manufacturer MPS
Title 700KHz/1.3MHz Boost Converter
Description The MP3213 is a current mode step-up converter with a 3.5A, 0.18Ω internal switch to provide a highly efficient regulator with fast response. The...
• 3.5A, 0.18Ω, 25V Power MOSFET
• Uses Tiny Capacitors and Inductors
• Pin Selectable 700KHz or 1.3MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
• Programmable Soft-Start
• Operates with Input Voltage as Low as 2.5V and Output Voltage as High as 22V
• 12V at 500mA from 5V Input
• UVLO, Thermal Shutdown
• Internal C...

Published Jan 8, 2023
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