Maxim Integrated Products
Part Number DS2741
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated (https://www.analog.com/) Products
Title Current Monitor and Accumulator
Description The DS2741 current monitor/accumulator is a complete current-sensing, measuring, and accumulation device tailored for cost-sensitive, battery-powe...
Features ♦ Complete, Low-Cost, Integrated Current-Sensing and Accumulation Solution with Serial Digital Output ♦ On-Board 38mΩ Sense Resistor ♦ Current Measurement: Signed 10-Bit Bidirectional Measurement ±2.5A Dynamic Range 1% Error at +25°C 2% Error Over Temperature ♦ Current Accumulation: 0.247mAhr LSB ±8...

Published May 1, 2010
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Part Number DS2746
Manufacturer Manix
Title Low-Cost 2-Wire Battery Monitor
Description The DS2746 provides system-side battery capacity monitoring in cost-sensitive applications. Voltage, bidirectional current, and accumulated curren.
Features greatly enhance the accuracy of the coulomb counter. In addition, the DS2746 has two auxiliary A/D inputs to sample the pack identification resistor, thermistor, or other voltage source. The results are reported as a ratiometric fraction of the supply voltage eliminating error related to the supply..

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Maxim Integrated Products
Part Number DS2745
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products
Title Low-Cost I2C Battery Monitor
Description The DS2745 provides current-flow, voltage, and temperature measurement data to support batterycapacity monitoring in cost-sensitive applications. .
Features 16-Bit Bidirectional Current Measurement 1.56V LSB, ±51.2mV Dynamic Range 104A LSB, ±3.4A Dynamic Range (RSNS = 15m) Current Accumulation Register Resolution 6.25Vhr LSB, ±204.8mVh Range 0.417mAhr LSB, ±13.65Ah Range (RSNS = 15m) 11-Bit Voltage Measurement 4.88mV LSB, 0V to 4.5V Input Range 11-.

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Maxim Integrated
Part Number DS2740
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated
Title High-Precision Coulomb Counter
Description . PIN DESCRIPTION OVD- 1-Wire Bus Speed Select PIO - Programmable I/O Pin SNS - Sense Resistor Input IS2 - Current-Sense Input IS1 - Current-Sens.
Features ƒ 15-Bit Bidirectional Current Measurement (DS2740U) ƒ 1.56μV LSB and ±51.2mV Dynamic Range ƒ 78μA LSB and ±2.56A Dynamic Range with External 20mΩ Sense Resistor (RSNS) ƒ 156μA LSB and ±5.12A Dynamic Range with External 10mΩ Sense Resistor (RSNS) ƒ 13-Bit Bidirectional Current Measurement (DS2740BU).

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