Maxim Integrated
Part Number DS2726
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated (https://www.analog.com/)
Title 5-Cell to 10-Cell Li+ Protector
Description The DS2726 provides full charge and discharge protection for 5- to 10-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery packs. The protection circuit monitors indivi...
Features ♦ Complete Protection for 5-Cell to 10-Cell Li+ Packs ♦ Pin Programmable for 5 to 10 Cells ♦ Internal Cell-Balancing Circuit, Shunts Up to 300mA ♦ Pin-Programmable VOV Threshold ♦ Pin-Programmable Cell-Balance Voltage ♦ Overdischarge Current and Short-Circuit Current Set with External Resistors ♦ Ov...

Published Mar 27, 2020
Datasheet PDF File DS2726 File

DS2726   DS2726   DS2726  


Dallas Semiconducotr
Part Number DS2720
Manufacturer Dallas Semiconducotr
Title Efficient/ Addressable Single-Cell Rechargeable Lithium Protection IC
Description PLS PS DQ VSS VDD CP CC DC Battery-Pack Positive Terminal Input Power-Switch Sense Input Data Input/Output Device Ground Power-Supply Input Reserv.
Features § Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li+) Safety Circuit - Overvoltage Protection - Overcurrent/Short-Circuit Protection - Undervoltage Protection - Overtemperature Protection Controls High-Side N-Channel Power MOSFETs Driven from 9V Charge Pump System Power Management and Control Feature Support Eight Bytes.

Datasheet PDF File DS2720 File

DS2720   DS2720   DS2720  

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