Part Number CM150DC-24NFM
Manufacturer Powerex
Title Dual IGBT
Description Powerex NFM IGBT Modules are designed for use in hard switching (15-30kHz) applications. Each module consists of two IGBT Transistors in a half-b...
Features £ Low Drive Power £ Low ESW(off) £ Discrete Super-Fast Recovery Free-Wheel Diode £ Isolated Baseplate for Easy Heat Sinking Applications: £ Power Supplies £ UPS £ Battery Powered Supplies £ Induction Heating Ordering Information: Example: Select the complete part module number you desire f...

Published Mar 11, 2016
Datasheet PDF File CM150DC-24NFM File

CM150DC-24NFM   CM150DC-24NFM   CM150DC-24NFM  

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