Part Number CDLL4132-1
Manufacturer Microsemi (https://www.microsemi.com/)
Title 500mW Metallurgically Bonded Glass Surface Mount Zener Diodes
Description The 1N4099UR-1 through 1N4135UR-1 and 1N4614UR-1 through 1N4627UR-1 series are 500 mW, Zener voltage regulators in the surface mount, glass DO-21...
• Surface mount equivalent to JEDEC registered 1N4099 through 1N4135 and 1N4614 through 1N4627 series.
• Internal metallurgical bond.
• Max noise density 40 μV / √Hz for 6.8 V and up. Falls quickly to 1 μV / √Hz at lower voltages.
• JAN, JANTX, JANTXV and JANS qualifications are av...

Published Jun 15, 2018
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CDLL4132-1   CDLL4132-1   CDLL4132-1  

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