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Part Number W2CBW003
Description Complete 802.11 + Bluetooth System
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W2CBW003 datasheet pdf
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W2CBW003 pdf
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Key Features:
Small Form Factor. 12mm X 12mm x 1.4mm
System-in-Package LGA Solution
Certified Dual Mode Radio
Ultra Low Power Consumption
Optimized RF & Electrical Design
RoHS Compliant
Support for most popular Handheld Interfaces
MP3 Audio and MP4 Video Players
WLAN Handheld Terminals
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
VOIP Phones and Terminals
Industrial Products
Handheld Terminals
Digital Cameras and Video Recorders
Other Portable Devices which require Wireless
Certified Dual Mode Radio Subsystem:
ISM Band 802.11b/g
Full support for 802.11e (QoS)
Support for 802.11i (Security)
Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR™
Fully Integrated Coexistence Solution
SDIO 1.1 or G-SPI Interface for 802.11 Wi-Fi™
UART or USB Interface for Bluetooth™
PCM Audio Interface for Bluetooth™
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for both radios
for Integration, Test and Diagnostics.
Programmable I/O Pins
PIO for 802.11b/g Applications
PIO for Bluetooth Applications
50Antenna Launch for each Radio
Complete 802.11 + Bluetooth™ System
in Package Solution designed specifi-
cally for mobile and embedded appli-
cations such as Smartphones, PDAs
and MP3 Players.
General Description:
The W2CBW003 System-in-Package
(SiP) is a complete multifunction 802.11
and BT v2.0 radio. Our radio solution
is designed specifically for the develop-
ers of portable electronics such as
MP3/MP4 Players, PDAs and Smart-
phones. The W2CBW003 features a
small footprint, integrated coexistence
solution and interfaces commonly re-
quired by handheld/portable devices.
The W2CBW003 gives developers a
quicker time to market, and lower cost
to integrate Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth™
functionality into their portable/
handheld products.
Driver Support:
*Can be ported to other Operating Systems
Part Numbers:
802.11b/g SDIO/UART Interface, Tape & Reel
802.11b/g SDIO/USB Interface, Tape & Reel
W2CBW003 Development System
Rev. 09/07
2107 North First Street Ste. 540, San Jose CA 95131, USATel: +1 408 416 4000FAX: +1 408 416 4201www.wi2wi.com
© 2007 Wi2Wi, Inc.

No Preview Available !

The W2CBW003 SiP delivers a complete,
dual radio solution. All functionality, in-
cluding the radio modem, interface con-
trol, diagnostics, timing, power regulation
and coexistence are included in a certified
compact ready to integrate package.
Dimensions/Package Type:
12mm x 12mm x 1.4mm, LGA
Data Rates:
802.11 b/g
DSSS/CCK: 1, 2, 5.5, and 11Mb/s
OFDM: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 54Mb/s
V2.0: up to 1 Mb/s
EDR: 2, 3Mb/s
Input Power:
Supply Voltage 3.3V
Power Consumption:
TX 230 mA
RX 210 mA
IEEE Power
10 mA
2 mA
45 mA
32 mA
Dual Mode
275 mA
242 mA
20 mA
2 mA
30 mA
4 mA
Temperature Range:
Operating Temperature: -20˚C to +75˚C
Storage Temperature: -40˚C to +85˚C
Transmit Power:
802.11 b Pout = +15 dBm Typ.
802.11g Pout = +15 dBm Typ.
Bluetooth v2.0 Pout = +3 dBm Typ.
Bluetooth EDR Pout = -1 dBm Typ.
Receiver Sensitivity:
802.11 b/g
54 Mb/s @ -74 dBm OFDM
6 Mb/s @ -90 dBm OFDM
11 Mb/s @ -88 dBm DSSS
1 Mb/s @ -90 dBm DSSS
1 Mb/s @ -84 dBm GFSK
2 Mb/s @ -87 dBm π/4 DQPSK
3 Mb/s @ -80 dBm 8DPSK
Baseband Modulation:
802.11 b/g
Bluetooth™ v2.0
Bluetooth™ EDR:
Quality of Service/Security Support:
802.11e EDCF
WEP, TKIP, WPA and AES/CCMP per 802.11i
Your Wi2Wi Representative:
About Wi2Wi, Inc.
Operating since 1997, Wi2Wi Inc. is a premier supplier of Modem, 802.11,
Bluetooth, GPS and combination solutions Wi2Wi develops and supplies
Module and System-in-Package Wireless Products to the world’s largest
Handheld, PC and Peripheral OEMs.Wi2Wi,with its patent-pending wireless
integration technology along with industry leading silicon and supply chain
partners, is committed to providing cost effective, high quality solutions for
the wireless communications market.
To request more information about Wi2Wi please contact us at: info@wi2wi.com
or visit us on the web at www.Wi2Wi.com
Rev. 09/07
2107 North First Street Ste. 540, San Jose CA 95131, USATel: +1 408 416 4000FAX: +1 408 416 4201www.wi2wi.com
© 2007 Wi2Wi, Inc.

W2CBW003 datasheet pdf
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W2CBW003 pdf
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