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Part Number TD-36485
Description Telephone Model
Page 30 Pages

TD-36485 datasheet pdf
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TD-36485 pdf
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User Guide
DIN-rail Tele and Leased Line modem
TD-36 485
DIN-rail Tele and Leased Line modem
with I/O and RS-485

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Legal information
The contents of this document are provided “as is”. Except as required by applicable
law, no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to,
the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made
in relation to the accuracy and reliability or contents of this document.Westermo
reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior
Under no circumstances shall Westermo be responsible for any loss of data or income
or any special, incidental, and consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused.
More information about Westermo can be found at the following Internet address:

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Before installation:
This modem is for restricted access area use only.
Read this manual completely and gather all information on the unit. Make sure
that you understand it fully. Check that your application does not exceed the safe
operating specifications for this unit.
This unit should only be installed by qualified personnel.
This unit should be built-in to an apparatus cabinet, or similar, where access is
restricted to service personnel only. The power supply wiring must be sufficiently fused, and if necessary it must be
possible to disconnect manually from the power supply. Ensure compliance to
national installation regulations.
Maximum 20 A branch circuit protection required.
The product is intended to work with IT power system.
This unit uses convection cooling.To avoid obstructing the airflow around the unit,
follow the spacing recommendations (see Cooling section).
Before mounting, using or removing this unit:
Prevent access to hazardous voltage by disconnecting the unit from power supply.
Warning! Do not open connected unit. Hazardous voltage may occur within this
unit when connected to power supply or TNV circuits.
Care recommendations
Follow the care recommendations below to maintain full operation of unit and to fulfil
the warranty obligations.
This unit must not be operating with removed covers or lids.
Do not attempt to disassemble the unit.There are no user serviceable parts inside.
Do not drop, knock or shake the unit, rough handling above the specification may cause
damage to internal circuit boards.
Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong detergents to clean the unit.
Do not paint the unit. Paint can clog the unit and prevent proper operation.
Do not expose the unit to any kind of liquids (rain, beverages, etc).The unit is not water-
proof. Keep the unit within the specified humidity levels.
Do not use or store the unit in dusty, dirty areas, connectors as well as other mechanical
part may be damaged.
If the unit is not working properly, contact the place of purchase, nearest Westermo
distributor office or Westermo Tech support.
No maintenance is required, as long as the unit is used as intended within the specified
4 6618-2202

TD-36485 datasheet pdf
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TD-36485 pdf
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TD-36485 Telephone Model TD-36485
TD-36485 pdf

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