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Part Number R01DS0228EJ0060
Description 450MHz / 600MHz MCU
Page 30 Pages

R01DS0228EJ0060 datasheet pdf
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Preliminary Datasheet
Specifications in this document are tentative and subject to
RZ/T1 Group
Nov 14, 2014
450 MHz/600MHz, MCU with ARM Cortex®-R4F and -M3*1, on-chip FPU, 747/996 DMIPS, up to 1
Mbyte of on-chip extended SRAM, Ethernet MAC, EtherCAT*1, USB 2.0 high-speed, CAN, various
communications interfaces such as an SPI multi-I/O bus controller, ∆Σ interface, safety functions,
encoder interfaces*1, and security functions*1
On-chip 32-bit ARM Cortex-R4F processor
High-speed realtime control with maximum operating frequency of
450/600 MHz
Capable of 747/996 DMIPS (in operation at 450/600 MHz)
On-chip 32-bit ARM Cortex-R4F (revision r1p4)
Tightly coupled memory (TCM) with ECC: 512 Kbytes/32 Kbytes
Instruction cache/data cache with ECC: 8 Kbytes per cache
High-speed interrupt
The FPU supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,
multiply-and-accumulate, and square-root operations at single-
precision and double-precision.
Harvard architecture with 8-stage pipeline
Supports the memory protection unit (MPU)
ARM CoreSight architecture, includes support for debugging
through JTAG and SWD interfaces
(Oinn-pcrhoidpu3c2ts-biint cAoRrpMoCraotrintegxa-Mn3Rp-IrNoceensgsinoer )
150-MHz operating frequency
On-chip 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 (revision r2p1)
RISC Harvard architecture with 3-stage pipeline
Supports the memory protection unit (MPU)
Low power consumption
Standby mode, sleep mode, and module stop function
On-chip extended SRAM
Up to 1 Mbyte of the on-chip extended SRAM with ECC
150 MHz
Data transfer
DMAC: 16 channels × 2 units
DMAC for the Ethernet controller: 1 channel
Event link controller
Module operations can be started by event signals rather than by
interrupt handlers.
Linked operation of modules is available even while the CPU is in
the sleep state.
Reset and power supply voltage control
Four reset sources including a pin reset
Dual power-voltage configuration: 3.3 V (I/O unit), 1.2 V
Clock functions
External clock/oscillator input frequency: 25 MHz
CPU clock frequency: Up to 450/600 MHz
Low-speed on-chip oscillator (LOCO): 240 kHz
Independent watchdog timer
Operated by a clock signal obtained by frequency-dividing the
clock signal from the low-speed on-chip oscillator: Up to 120 kHz
Safety functions
Register write protection, input clock oscillation stop detection,
CRC, IWDTa, and A/D self-diagnosis
An error control module is incorporated to generate a pin signal
output, interrupt, or internal reset in response to errors originating
in the various modules.
Security functions (optional)*2
Boot mode with security through encryption
Encoder interfaces (optional)*3
EnDat 2.2 and BiSS-compliant interfaces
PRBG0320GA-A 17×17mm, 0.8-mm pitch
PLQP0176LD-A 20 x 20mm, 0.4-mm pitch
Various communications interfaces
- EtherCAT slave controller: 2 ports (for products incorporating an
R-IN engine)
- Ether-MAC: 1 port (without the switching function)
- Ether-MAC: 1 port (2 ports with the switching function)
USB 2.0 high-speed host/function : 1 channel
CAN (compliant with ISO11898-1): 2 channels (max.)
SCIFA with 16-byte transmission and reception FIFOs: 5 channels
I2C bus interface: 2 channels for transfer at up to 400 kbps
RSPIa: 4 channels
SPIBSC: Provides a single interface for multi-I/O compatible
serial flash memory
External address space
Buses for high-speed data transfer at 75 MHz (max.)
Support for up to 6 CS areas
8-, 16-, or 32-bit bus space is selectable per area
Up to 33 extended-function timers
16-bit TPUa (12 channels), MTU3a (9 channels), GPTa (4
channels): Input capture, output compare, PWM waveform output
16-bit CMT (6 channels), 32-bit CMTW (2 channels)
Serial sound interface (1 channel)
■ ∆Σ interface
Up to 4 ΔΣ modulators are connectable externally.
12-bit A/D converters
12 bits × 2 units (max.)
(8 channels for unit 0; 16 channels for unit 1)
Self diagnosis
Detection of analog input disconnection
Temperature sensor for measuring temperature
within the chip
General-purpose I/O ports
5-V tolerance, open drain, input pull-up
Multi-function pin controller
The locations of input/output functions for peripheral modules are
selectable from among multiple pins.
Operating temperature range
Tj = -40°C to +125°C
Note 1.
Note 2.
Note 3.
Details of these optional functions will only be given after completion of a binding non-disclosure agreement. For details, contact our sales
For details, contact our sales representative.
R01DS0228EJ0060 Rev.0.60
Nov 14, 2014
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R01DS0228EJ0060 datasheet pdf
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R01DS0228EJ0060 pdf
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R01DS0228EJ0060 450MHz / 600MHz MCU R01DS0228EJ0060
R01DS0228EJ0060 pdf

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