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Part Number PD64012G
Description 12-PORT PoE PSE MANAGER
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PD64012G datasheet pdf
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PD64012G pdf
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PD64012G is a twelve-port, mixed-signal, high-voltage Power over Ethernet PSE Manager. The IC
allows the detection of IEEE 802.3af-2003 powered devices, ensuring safe power feeding and
removal over Ethernet ports. With full digital control via a serial communication interface and a
minimum of external components, the IC integrates in multi-port and highly populated Ethernet
The PD64012G has two possible working configurations: an Automatic stand-alone mode, for basic
PoE functions, and an Enhanced mode, for extended functions and added flexibility with the presence
of the PD63000G and PD83000G MCU’s.
IEEE 802.3af-2003 and IEEE802.3at-ready
ƒ Compliant with IEEE 802.3af and pre-standard PD’s
ƒ 12-ports standalone PoE control
ƒ Power classification with bypass option
ƒ AC disconnect
ƒ DC disconnect with DC modulation
ƒ Supports RFC3621
ƒ I2C or UART host interface
ƒ 7-bit I2C address selectability
ƒ Opto-coupler compatible communication lines
ƒ Up to 96 ports operating autonomously
ƒ Freedom to power all PoE PD’s including
Cisco’s inline power
ƒ Highest integration on the market, enabling the
lowest real-estate occupation
ƒ Reliable and simple AC implementation
ƒ Supports low power devices
ƒ Enables integration in Managed Switches
ƒ Backwards compatible with all PD64008-based
message based user interface
ƒ Up to 1536 ports on a switch
ƒ Can be used with PD64004A
ƒ Best-in-industry integration
ƒ Single operating voltage source (44 to 57V)
ƒ 80V SmartMOS8 technology
ƒ -20oC to +85oC operating ambient temperature
ƒ LQFP-64 package, ROHS compliant
ƒ Minimum per port external components
ƒ No need for external DC/DC converter
ƒ Power, high-voltage analog and high-density
digital logic functions
ƒ Fit for industrial applications
ƒ Per-IC soft start mechanism
ƒ System-wide inrush protection
ƒ Internal voltages monitoring and auto reset
mechanism (Power-On_Reset)
ƒ Over-voltage and under-voltage protection/lock-out
ƒ Dynamic Power Management
ƒ Emergency Power Management (Enhanced Mode)
ƒ Support for 4-pairs High power architecture
(Enhanced Mode)
ƒ Maskeable Interrupt (Enhanced mode)
ƒ Programmable port matrix (Enhanced mode)
ƒ LED streaming (Enhanced mode)
ƒ Temperature sense/monitoring
ƒ Minimal power supply stress and EMI noises
ƒ Power management based on power allocation
and priority map, on class value or on both,
provides full flexibility and optimal power supply
ƒ Prioritization of ports in case of power reduction
ƒ Used for power supply failure conditions
ƒ Capable of powering of up to 31W over 4-pairs
ƒ Logical to physical port map
ƒ User can receive interrupts on status or have
automatic LED driving
ƒ Enables system monitoring
ƒ Per port thermal protection, including PCB
Copyright © Microsemi 2007
Rev. April 2007
Microsemi Corporation
Analog Mixed Signal Group
Information in this document is subject
to change without prior notice.
This document contains information that is proprietary to Microsemi. As such, it is confidential and its disclosure is strictly prohibited by applicable law. If you and/or your company and Microsemi have
executed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, then this document is being provided in connection with the Agreement, and the information contained herein is covered by the Agreement and under its terms

PD64012G datasheet pdf
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PD64012G pdf
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