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Part Number OB3663
Description Dimmable Flyback PSR Controller
Page 12 Pages

OB3663 datasheet pdf
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OB3663 pdf
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Dimmable Flyback PSR Controller
The OB3663 is a high performance single stage
AC/DC fly-back controller for dimmable LED
luminaires. The OB3663 integrates advanced
digital processing core to eliminate visible flicker.
OB3663 offers fast startup feature, constant
on-time control for power factor correction (PFC),
zero current detector (ZCD) to ensure transition
mode (TM) operation, and accurate current
OB3663 offers comprehensive protection
coverage including VDD under voltage lockout
(UVLO), VDD over voltage protection, load voltage
over voltage protection, cycle-by-cycle current
limiting, over temperature protection, LED string
open/short protection, driver output clamping for
external power MOSFET protection, current sense
resistor short protection, and transformer
saturation protection.
OB3663 is offered in SOP14 package (OB3663CP)
and SSOP10 package (OB3663LP) .
Primary-Side Control with Single Stage PFC
No visible flicker
No bleeder design
Total harmonic distortion <20% with PF>0.9
Fast startup time (<0.5s without dimmer)
Transition Mode (TM) operation to achieve
high efficiency
High current accuracy
Source driving operation mode
Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting (OCP)
VDD Over Voltage Protection
Output Over Voltage Protection
Over-Temperature Protection
VDD Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
LED string open protection
LED string short protection
Current sense resistor short/open protection
Transformer saturation protection
Dimmable LED lighting
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Preliminary Datasheet

OB3663 datasheet pdf
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OB3663 pdf
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OB3663 Dimmable Flyback PSR Controller OB3663
OB3663 pdf

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