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Part Number OB3316
Description High Performance CCFL Controller
Page 12 Pages

OB3316 datasheet pdf
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High Performance CCFL Controller Push pull
General Description
OB3316 is a high performance Cold Cathode
Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlight controller IC
dedicated for use in push pull configuration. The
controller is designed to drive single or multiple
CCFLs in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
OB3316 converts unregulated DC input voltage to
the pseudo sinusoidal voltage and current
waveforms in required frequency, to ignite and
operate CCFL lamps.
OB3316 provides a high degree of design flexibility
by offering great programmability for key
parameters which includes operating frequency,
striking frequency, striking time, burst frequency
for dimming and soft-start time.
OB3316 offers variable dimming controls. Both
internal burst and external low frequency PWM
(LPWM) dimming methods are available for a wide
range of dimming control (10% to 100%). Further
more, analog dimming is provided through
external DC input control to achieve 40% to 100%
dimming range.
The highly integrated OB3316 provides complete
protection features covering IC Under Voltage
Lockout (UVLO), System supply brownout
protection, Output Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
and Lamp Fail Safe Functions (LFSF).
OB3316 is available in DIP16 and SOP16
Typical Application Circuit
z Built-in burst and external LPWM for wide range
dimming control
z Analog dimming Control
z 0-3V DC voltage direct dimming without any
additional components
z High precision reference and frequency control
z Support single or multiple CCFLs
z Flexible user programmability:
External programmable constant operating
Programmable striking frequency and voltage
Programmable soft on/off timer
Programmable striking time control
Programmable internal burst mode frequency
z Comprehensive protection coverage:
IC supply under voltage lockout (UVLO)
System supply brownout protection
Output over voltage protection (OVP)
Lamp Fail Safe Functions (LFSF)
z LCD Monitor
Notebook Computerzwww.DataSheet.co.kr
z LCD flat panel display for instrument, automobile
and handhold device
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OB3316 datasheet pdf
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OB3316 pdf
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OB3316 High Performance CCFL Controller OB3316
OB3316 pdf

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