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Part Number M-993
Description Region 1 MF Tone Generator
Page 6 Pages

M-993 datasheet pdf
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M-993 pdf
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Generates standard CCITT R1 MF tones
Digital input control
Linear (analog) output
Power output capable of driving standard line
14-pin DIP
Single 5-Volt supply
Inexpensive 3.58 MHz time base
Telephone systems
Test equipment
Region 1 MF Tone Generator
The M-993 is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit
designed to generate multifrequency (MF) tone pairs
for use in trunk signaling. The tones generated con-
form to CCITT R1 signal recommendations and to
AT&T MF standards. The M-993 permits design engi-
neers to implement a highly accurate MF sender with
a minimum of space, power, and added components.
The accuracy of the tone frequencies is assured
through use of an easily obtained 3.58 MHz color burst
crystal or an external 3.58 MHz clock source.
Ordering Information
Part #
14-pin plastic DIP
Pin Diagram
Block Diagram

M-993 datasheet pdf
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M-993 pdf
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