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Part Number LQ104V1DG62
Description TFT LCD Module
Page 21 Pages

LQ104V1DG62 datasheet pdf
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LQ104V1DG62 pdf
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Technical Document
LCD Specification
LCD Group
LQ104V1DG62 LCD Module
Product Specification
February 2008
VGA LCD Module featuring 550 nits brightness
with 600:1 contrast and extended temperature
operation. LED backlight is rated at 50,000
hours. Full Specifications Listing.

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1. Application
This specification applies to color 10.4VGA TFT-LCD module, LQ104V1DG62.
These specification sheets are the proprietary product of SHARP CORPORATION (”SHARP) and include
materials protected under copyright of SHARP. Do not reproduce or cause any third party to reproduce them in any
form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the express written
permission of SHARP.
The device listed in these technical literature sheets was designed and manufactured for use in general
electronic equipment.
In case of using the device for applications such as control and safety equipment for transportation
(conrrols of aircraft, trains, automobiles, etc.), rescue and security equipment and various safety related
equipment which require higher reliability and safety, take into consideration that appropriate measures
such as fail-safe functions and redundant system design should be taken.
Do not use the device for equipment that requires an extreme level of reliability, such as aerospace
applications, telecommunication equipment (trunk lines), nuclear power control equipment and medical
or other equipment for life support.
SHARP assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the device which does not
comply with the instructions and the precautions specified in these specification sheets.
Confirm "12. Handling Precautions " item when you use the device.
Contact and consult with a SHARP sales representative for any questions about this device.
2. Overview
This module is a color active matrix LCD module incorporating amorphous silicon TFT (Thin Film
Transistor). It is composed of a color TFT-LCD panel, driver ICs, control circuit and power supply circuit
and a White-LED backlight unit. Graphics and texts can be displayed on a 640×3×480 dots panel with
262,144 colors by supplying 18 bit data signal (6bit/color), four timing signals, +3.3V/5.0V DC supply
voltage for TFT-LCD panel driving and supply voltage for backlight.
The TFT-LCD panel used for this module is a low-reflection and higher-color-saturation type.
Therefore, this module is also suitable for the multimedia use. Viewing angle is 6 o’clock direction.
This module is the type of wide viewing angle, superhigh brightness (550cd/m2) and high contrast (600:1).
The LED Backlight driving DC/DC converter and the cable are not built in this LCD module.

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3. Outline specification.
Display size
Active area
Pixel format
Number of colors
(Number of gray scale level)
Pixel pitch
Pixel configuration
Display mode
Unit outline dimensions *1
Surface treatment
26 (10.4") Diagonal
(1 pixel=R+G+B dots)
262, 144 colors
(64 gray scales per color)
R,G,B vertical stripe
Normally white
Anti-glare and hard-coating 3H
*1: Note: excluding back light cables (The backlight cable is not attached to the LCD unit.)
The thickness of module (D) doesn’t contain the projection.
Outline dimensions is shown in Fig.1

LQ104V1DG62 datasheet pdf
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LQ104V1DG62 pdf
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