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Part Number IA63484-PLC68I
Description Advanced CRT Controller
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IA63484-PLC68I datasheet pdf
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IA63484-PLC68I pdf
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Advanced CRT Controller
Preliminary Data Sheet
High-speed graphics
- Drawing rate: 200 ns/pixel max (color drawing)
- Commands: 38 commands including 23 graphic drawing commands:
Dot, Line, Rectangle, Poly-line, Polygon, Circle, Ellipse, Paint, Copy, etc.
- Colors: 16 bits/word: 1,2,4,8,16 bits/pix el (5 types) monochrome to 64k colors max
- Pattern RAM: 32 bytes
- Converts logical X-Y coordinate to physical address
- Color operation and conditional drawing
- Drawing area control for hardware clipping and hitting
Large frame-memory space
- Maximum 2 Mbytes graphic memory and 128 kbytes character memory separate from
MPU memory.
- Maximum Resolution: 4096 x 4096 pixels (1 bit/pixel mode)
CRT display control
- Split Screens: three displays and one window
- Zoom: 1 to 16 times
- Scroll: vertical and horizontal
Interleaved access mode for flashless display and superimposition
External synchronization between ARTCs or between ACRTC and external device (TV system
or other controller.
DMA interface
Two programmable cursors
Three Scan modes
- Non-interlaced
- Interlace sync
- Interlace sync and video
Interrupt request to MPU
256 characters/line 32 raster/ line, 4096 rasters/screen
Maximum clock frequency: 20MHz
CMOS, single +5V power supply
The IA63484 is a "plug-and-play" drop-in replacement for the original Hitachi© HD63484. This
replacement IC has been developed using innovASIC’s MILESTM, or Managed IC Lifetime
Extension System, cloning technology. This technology produces replacement ICs far more complex
than "emulation" while ensuring they are compatible with the original IC. MILESTM captures the
design of a clone so it can be produced even as silicon technology advances. MILESTM also verifies
the clone against the original IC so that even the "undocumented features" are duplicated. This data
sheet documents all necessary engineering information about the IA63484 including functional and
I/O descriptions, electrical characteristics, and applicable timing.
Copyright © 2003
innov ASIC
The End of Obsolescence
ENG 21101041201
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IA63484-PLC68I datasheet pdf
Download PDF for PC
IA63484-PLC68I pdf
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IA63484-PLC68I Advanced CRT Controller IA63484-PLC68I
IA63484-PLC68I pdf

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