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Part Number FR12
Description Single Junction Drop-In Isolator
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FR12 datasheet pdf
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FR12 pdf
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Single Junction Drop-In Isolator
800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz
20dB Isolation
0.35dB Insertion Loss
Low cost package
Custom products available with alternative con-
figurations such as couplers, attenuators, high
power termination and reverse circulation.
M/A COM’s drop-in circulators and isolators, de-
signed for Wireless base station and power amplifier
applications, feature high reliability performance at a
low cost. These designs feature a low cost package
ideally suited for high volume manufacturing. M/A
Com is one of the largest suppliers of isolator and
circulators in the world.
Outline Drawing
FR12 Series
Electrical Specifications:
Z0 = 50
Insertion Loss
VSWR, all ports
-30°C to +85°C
20dB minimum
0.35dB maximum
Ordering Information
Part Number
Frequency Range (MHz)
Absolute Maximum Ratings 1
Absolute Maximum
Forward Power
150 Watts
Reflected Power
20 Watts
Operating Temperature
-30°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature
-45°C to +125°C
1. Operation of this device above any one of these parameters
M/A-COM Inc. and its affiliates reserve the right to make changes to the
product(s) or information contained herein without notice. M/A-COM makes
no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its
products for any particular purpose, nor does M/A-COM assume any liability
whatsoever arising out of the use or application of any product(s) or
North America Tel: 800.366.2266 / Fax: 978.366.2266
Europe Tel: 44.1908.574.200 / Fax: 44.1908.574.300
Asia/Pacific Tel: 81.44.844.8296 / Fax: 81.44.844.8298
Visit for additional data sheets and product information.

FR12 datasheet pdf
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FR12 pdf
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