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Manufacturer TE
Short Description High Voltage DC Contactors
Long Description KILOVAC High Voltage DC Contactors KILOVAC EV200 Series Contactor With 1 Form X (SPST-NO) Contacts Rated 500+ Amps, 12-
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Datasheet : EV200

  • EV20-0.3-02-33M RFI Suppression Chokes
  • EV20-0.5-02-18M RFI Suppression Chokes
  • EV20-0.8-02-5M6 RFI Suppression Chokes
  • EV20-1.0-02-3M9 RFI Suppression Chokes
  • EV20-1.2-02-3M3 RFI Suppression Chokes
  • EV20-1.5-02-1M8 RFI Suppression Chokes
  • EV20-2.0-02-0M8 RFI Suppression Chokes
  • EV200 High Voltage DC Contactors
  • EV2000DJ-00A Low Input Voltage 150mA Linear Regulator Evaluation Board
  • EV200AAANA High Voltage DC Contactors
  • EV200B High Voltage DC Contactors
  • EV200BAANA High Voltage DC Contactors
  • EV200P Latching Contactor
  • EV200P4ANA Latching Contactor
  • EV2101DQ-00A 800mA Synchronous Step-Down Converter plus 200mA LDO
  • EV2104DJ-00A 600mA Synchronous Buck Step-Down Converter
  • EV2105DJ-00A 800mA Synchronous Buck Step-Down Converter
  • EV2106DK-00A 1.5A OUT Synchronous Buck Converter Evaluation Board
  • EV2106DQ-00A 1.5A OUT Synchronous Buck Converter Evaluation Board
  • EV2108DK-00A 720KHz Synchronous Buck Converter
  • EV2108DQ-00A 720KHz Synchronous Buck Converter
  • EV2109DQ-00A 1.2MHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board
  • EV2112DQ-00A 1MHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter
  • EV2303DN-00A 340KHz Synchronous Rectified Step-Down Converter
  • EV2305DS-00A 2A OUT Synchronous Buck Converter
  • EV2307DN-00A 340KHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter
  • EV2309DS-00A 340KHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board
  • EV2351DQ-00A 1.5A Output Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  • EV2354DS-00A 380KHz Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  • EV2355DN-00A 3A Out Step-Down DC/DC Converter
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