Part Number


Manufacturer Calogic
Short Description Dual Pico Amp Diodes
Long Description Dual Pico Amp Diodes CORPORATION DPAD1 / DPAD2 / DPAD5 / DPAD10 / DPAD20 / DPAD50 / DPAD100 SSTDPAD5 / SSTDPAD10 / SSTD
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Datasheet : DPAD10

  • DPAD1 Dual Low-Leakage Pica-Amp Diodes
  • DPAD1 Dual Pico Amp Diodes
  • DPAD1 Diode Switching 45V 0.05A 5-Pin TO-78
  • DPAD10 Dual Low-Leakage Pica-Amp Diodes
  • DPAD10 Dual Pico Amp Diodes
  • DPAD10 Dual PicoAmp Diodes
  • DPAD10 Diode Switching 45V 0.05A 4-Pin TO-72
  • DPAD100 Dual Low-Leakage Pica-Amp Diodes
  • DPAD100 Dual Pico Amp Diodes
  • DPAD100 Dual PicoAmp Diodes
  • DPAD2 Dual Low-Leakage Pica-Amp Diodes
  • DPAD2 Dual Pico Amp Diodes
  • DPAD2 Dual PicoAmp Diodes
  • DPAD2 Diode Switching 45V 0.05A 4-Pin TO-72
  • DPAD20 Dual Low-Leakage Pica-Amp Diodes
  • DPAD20 Dual Pico Amp Diodes
  • DPAD20 Dual PicoAmp Diodes
  • DPAD5 Dual Low-Leakage Pica-Amp Diodes
  • DPAD5 Dual Pico Amp Diodes
  • DPAD5 Dual PicoAmp Diodes
  • DPAD5 Diode Switching 45V 0.05A 4-Pin TO-72
  • DPAD50 Dual Low-Leakage Pica-Amp Diodes
  • DPAD50 Dual Pico Amp Diodes
  • DPAD50 Dual PicoAmp Diodes
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