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Part Number BCR450
Description LED Driver IC
Page 16 Pages

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Datasheet, Rev. 3.1, Feb. 2013
LED Driver IC
Power Management and

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Edition 2013-02-21
Published by Infineon Technologies AG,
81726 München, Germany
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BCR450, LED Driver IC
Revision History: 2013-02-21, Rev. 3.1
Previous Version: 2009-10-15, Rev. 3.0
Subjects (major changes since last revision)
Figure 1 Block diagram: Pin 3 (EN), ESD protection and base resistor added
Table 5 Note 1) added to Enable voltage range
Table 6 Typical input capacitance of pin 3 (EN) added
Figure 5 Units added to figure title
Figure 6 Units added to figure title
LED Driver IC
3 Rev. 3.1, 2013-02-21

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1 BCR450 Power LED Driver IC
LED Driver IC
BCR450 Power LED Driver IC
• Low voltage drop across sense resistor, 0.15 V typical
• High output current precision
• Operating voltage fro 8 to 27 V
• Over voltage protection
• Overtemperature current foldback and Thermal shut down
• Adjustable Constant LED Current up to 85 mA in stand alone
• Precise Internal bandgap enables High output current accuracy
• Up to 2.5 A LED current possible by using external transistor
• EN Input for PWM LED brightness control and On/Off control
• Very Low Standby Current
• Minimum number of external components required, no inductors
• Very small SC-74 package: 2.9 mm x 2.5 mm x 1.1 mm
• High level of colour control due to high output current precision
• Small space requirement
• No electro- magnetic interference
• Active thermal monitoring of chip and LED temperature with
current fold- back to avoid thermal overstress
• Low cost device
• Scalable output stage optimizing cost and space
Typical Applications
• General lighting e.g. retrofits
• Architectural lighting, Medical and Dental lighting
• Transportation like train and aircraft lighting
• Strobe lighting
• Universal constant current source
• Signal and marker lights for orientation or navigation
• LED controller for industrial applications, not qualified to AECQ-
Typical 12V High Power LED Application
3 BCR450 1
4 2,5
2 Description
The BCR450 is a LED driver IC optimized for usage with an external power transistor for driving LEDs above
100 mA. For currents up to 85 mA the BCR450 can be used in stand alone operation. The output current level can
be adjusted with an external sense resistor.
The IC can be switched on and off by an external signal, which is also suitable to regulate brightness of the LEDs
by PWM dimming.
The precise internal bandgap stabilizes the circuit and provides stable current conditions over temperature range.
Additional features are included to protect the LEDs from overload, short circuit events as well as from over
voltage. The LEDs can be also protected against thermal overload by thermally coupling the LEDs to the BCR450.
4 Rev. 3.1, 2013-02-21

BCR450 datasheet pdf
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BCR450 pdf
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BCR450 pdf

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