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Part Number Activa220
Description (Activa220 / Activa230) DVD system/ RF Amplifier
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Activa® 220 / Activa® 230
+ Activa® 250
DVD Recorder
System-on-a-Chip + RF Amplifier
Product Brief
Zoran Corporation
1390 Kifer Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5305
Driving the Digital Lifestyle
Digital Camera
Digital TV
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IP Core
Activa 220 / 230 + Activa 250 Benefits Overview
Zoran's Activa 220 is a DVD Recorder System-on-a-Chip Multimedia
Processor that integrates a high performance, all-digital read/write
front end (write strategy, DSP, and servo controller) and high quality
back end (DVD playback, DVB demultiplexing and decode, and
MPEG encode). Activa 220 has direct interfaces to multiple Optical
Pickup Units (OPUs) via the Activa 250 RF amplifier chip.
The Activa 220+250 chipset is designed to deliver a broad portfolio of
cost-effective products, from entry level Optical Disc Drive (ODD)-
only systems to combo systems (e.g., ODD+Hard Disc Drive (HDD),
ODD+VCR, and ODD+TV). All Zoran Activa 220/250-based recording
solutions are 100% application and middleware software compatible
with previous generation products, providing a turnkey solution that
reduces product development cycles.
Zoran's Activa 220+250 based DVD recorders provide:
• Support for DVD recording formats (DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW)
• Intuitive, easy to use On Screen Display (OSD) for multiple devices
(ODD, HDD, flash card, etc.)
• Convergence solutions for DVDR+DTT and Networking
• Customizable HW/SW platform for next generation application
• 100% compliance to DVD-video, -VR, and +VR verifiers
• Native RGB input recording
• System-on-a-Chip solution for DVD recorder/player
• Digital Front End (DSP, Servo, Write Strategy)
• Back End (MPEG Encoder, DVD Decoder, DVB Demultiplexer and
• Unified Memory Architecture
• Powerful 162 MHz 32-bit RISC CPU enables next generation
• Intuitive DVDR application and user interface
• Enables time-shift and "Watch and Record" applications
• Real time, 100% compliant DVD-Video, DVD-VR, and DVD+VR
• Rich DVD-Video menus with Thumbnails
• Supports DVD-R/-RW/-RAM/+R/+RW, CD-R/-RW formats
• Certified Dolby Digital Consumer Encoder
• VCPS, CPRM content protection
• 1.4-10 Mbps VBR/CBR (2-/4-/6-/8-hr record modes) bitrates
• DV25 Decode, Real-time Transcode to MPEG
• 256Mb to 512Mb SDRAM configurations
The Activa 220+250 chipset is specifically designed to support
standalone DVD recorders with support for value-added applications
• Multiple file format support, including MPEG-4 and DivX
• HDD/PVR functionality
• HDMI Digital Output w/HDCP, HD-JPEG
• USB Connectivity to digital cameras, printers and storage devices
• Flash Card Connectivity
• EPG services including Gemstar and tvtv
• YesDVD authoring
The Activa 220+250 solution is tuned for multiple Optical Pickup
Units (OPUs) and media types allowing OEMs to develop
differentiating features in the application software.
The Activa 220+250 chipset is the ideal IC solution for DVD
Recorders, Digital Entertainment Media Centers and combo DVDR
A/V Receiver).
The Activa 230 adds to the Activa 220 features dual Digital Video
Broadcast Terrestrial and Satellite (DVB-T/S) support for a high
performance European solution.
The Activa 220 and 230 are footprint and software compatible.
Digital Video Decoder
• DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CVD, SVCD, VCD, CDDA Decoding
• DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x/6.x(Ultra), XviD full-D1 (with QPEL and GMC)
• MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile Level 5 (720x480 @ 30fps)
• Glueless HDMI i/f to ZR36721 (HDXtreme)
• JPEGXtreme enables image display at true HD resolution
Analog Video
• NTSC/PAL/SECAM/480P/576P analog video encoder with five
12-bit/108Mhz video DACs
• Horizontal Resolutions: 720, 704, 544, 480, 360, 352
• 3-field de-interlacing , de-blocking and de-ringing filters
• Simultaneous interlaced/progressive video output with independent
OSD control
• Embedded NTSC/PAL Video Decoder with Time Base Correction
(TBC) and 3D Y/C Separation
• Input video noise filtering (horizontal, vertical, temporal)
• Closed Captioning/Teletext/EPG VBI Bitslicing/Decoding and
• Input analog video: RGB, CVBS, or Y/C
• Picture-in-Picture for external source preview
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Activa® 220 / Activa® 230
+ Activa® 250
DVD Recorder
System-on-a-Chip + RF Amplifier
Product Brief
Driving the Digital Lifestyle
Features Description (continued)
• Dolby Digital Consumer Encoder, MPEG Audio Encoding with
Programmable Audio DSP
• Input Digital Audio: 2ch, 16-bit, 32/44.1/48kHZ
• Output via I2S interface: 5.1+2ch, 24-bit, up to 192kHz
• Output Analog Audio: stereo class D outputs
• High quality 16bpp OSD
• 4bpp alpha transparency
• 2 x Transport Stream Inputs for DVB-T/DVB-S (Activa 230 only)
• Smart Card and CIM Support (Activa 230 only)
• ATA33 w/UDMA for 8x dubbing from HDD to optical drive
• Embedded USB 2.0 FS link + phy
• Embedded 1394 link
• Glue-less interface to flash cards (MS, SD, CF, SM, MMC)
• Generic host bus interface
• UART, GPIO Interfaces
• EJTAG Support
• 32-bit DDR 333 SDRAM
• PBGA-456 Green (also Pb-free) Package
• 4 W Power Consumption (<1 W Standby Mode)
• Part number: ZR35220HGCG (Activa 220)
ZR35230HGCG (Activa 230)
Activa 250 RF Amplifier Features
• Performance
• DVD+R/-R - Up to 8x writing speed
• DVD+RW/-RW - Up to 4x writing speed
• CD-R/RW - Up to 24x writing speed
• Single and dual layer media support
• Broad DVD writable OPU support
• Glueless interface to Activa 220/230
• Complete analog front end for servo, RF channels and write
strategy processing
• Laser power control for read and write
• Reference voltage generation
• 9 general purpose ADC inputs, and 7 PDM DAC outputs
• LVDS and single ended EFM OPU interface
• 16 GPIO pins
• LQFP-208 Green (also Pb-free) Package
• Part number: ZR35250ELCG
MPEG Video Encoder
The MPEG Video encoder supports real-time encoding into MPEG-2
formats. With programmable spatial and temporal preprocessing
filters, the user can shape the incoming video to optimize the MPEG
encoding. The horizontal decimator allows for a wide range of
horizontal encoding resolutions: 352, 360, 480, 544, 704, and 720.
Programmable horizontal resolution, along with the bitrate, provides
great flexibility in optimizing the encoded video quality versus storage
time. The encoder supports recording of 2/4/6/8 hours on a single
layer DVD+/-R disc.
Automatic scene change detection and variable/constant bit rate
processing consistently deliver optimal video quality over a variety of
input video quality and content during encoding
The Activa 220 enables the watch and record class of applications,
allowing the user to view one program while recording another.
Zoran has enabled PVR (timeshifting and pausing live TV) on HDD
and rewritable optical media. In addition, Activa 230 also enables
watch/record of DVB-T/DVB-S programs.
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Activa® 220 / Activa® 230
+ Activa® 250
DVD Recorder
System-on-a-Chip + RF Amplifier
Product Brief
Driving the Digital Lifestyle
Features Description (continued)
Programmable Audio DSP
The programmable audio DSP encodes or decodes in real-time Dolby
Digital Consumer Encoder (DDCE), MPEG1-L2, MP3,
and WMA formats.
DV25 A/V Decoder
The DV25 decoder decompresses the 1394/DV camcorder input. The
decoded data can be real-time transcoded to MPEG-2 and be previewed
on the PIP. Activa 220 provides convenient, direct control of 1394/DV
camcorders using the DVD recorder remote control. This feature
facilitates an integrated environment for simple editing and archiving of
home movies.
Analog Video Decoder with 3D Y/C, TBC
The embedded analog video decoder supports decoding of NTSC, PAL,
and SECAM TV signals. Inputs of RGB, S-Video, and composite video
signals are supported. For best quality recording, native recording from
RGB inputs is supported. For composite signal input, a high quality,
programmable 3D Y/C separation circuit partitions the luma and chroma
signals. To compensate for video artifacts from unstable sources such as
a VCR, a time-base correction circuit resynchronizes the video signal
prior to the MPEG encoding process.
VBI Bitslicing and Decoding
The Activa 220 offers a programmable circuit for hardware Vertical
Blanking Interval (VBI) bitslicing. Hardware VBI and VPS/PDC bitslicing is
important for extracting closed captioning, electronic program guide
(EPG), Teletext, widescreen signaling, and other VBI standards efficiently,
without burdening the CPU.
Digital Video Broadcasting
The Activa 230 supports two transport stream inputs in DVB-T/DVB-S
format. Free-to-Air broadcasts are natively supported in the Activa 230,
while PayTV broadcasts are supported by attaching an external Smart
Card or Common Interface Module. Many simultaneous scenarios are
supported, including watching one program while recording the other, or
watch a DVD while recording a digital broadcast in the background.
DVD Playback Processor
The Activa 220 leverages the robust design of the Zoran Vaddis line of
chips, providing full support for DVD-Video playback, DVD-Video and
DVD+/-VR authoring, and copy protection. The DVD processor performs
DVD demultiplexing and parsing, MPEG-1/2/4/DivX video decoding,
subpicture decoding, highlight processing, and audio/video
Integrated support for Content Protection for Prerecorded Media (CPPM)
and Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM). The graphics
processor and OSD units provide great flexibility in creating sophisticated
EPG and user interfaces, which are easier to use than competing
A unique capability of the Activa 220 is the ability to deliver high quality,
intelligible, 1x-2x variable audio playback while in fast forward mode,
allowing the consumer to view a movie faster than real-time.
DVD Recorder Processor
The Activa 220 is the core component of a digital recorder system. With
256Mb-512Mb of DDR SDRAM support and integrated RISC CPU,
real-time authoring of DVD-Video and DVD+/-VR is simplified. The larger
memory also allows for various watch and record options, like best quality
variable bitrate (VBR) encoding simultaneous with DVD disc playback,
and HDD playback with DVDR disc record. The flexible Activa 220
architecture supports DVD-R/-RW/-RAM/+R/+RW and CD-R/-RW
Video Content Protection System (VCPS) and Content Protection for
Recordable Media (CPRM) modules are provided. Additional proprietary
security is provided for protecting content stored HDD and delivered via a
The high-performance ATAPI w/UDMA interface allows up to two drives
(HDD and optical), allowing multiple product SKUs by changing the drives
and software.
DivX Decoding
Activa 220 has hardware accelerators for optimal DivX decode
performance and compatibility and can play streams up to 10Mbps at up
to 720x480/30fps. With support for Quarter PEL (QPEL) and Global
Motion Compensation (GMC), Activa 220 provides full compatibility with
high resolution streams. Activa 220 is Home Theater Level Certified with
HDMI Output I/F
High Definition Multimedia Interface is an emerging display standard to
allow direct digital high definition connections between the DVD recorder
and the display. When used with the Zoran's companion HDXtreme IC
(ZR36721), Activa 220 based products deliver a stunning high definition
video quality from standard definition content. In addition, JPEGXtreme
allows the viewing of JPEG images in native HD (2MP) resolution.
MaestroLink Networked Multimedia
The Activa 220's powerful bitstream processing capabilities make it ideal
for a digital recorder-centric A/V client or server, I.E. Zbox, enabled by
Zoran's MaestroLink technology. Video-on-demand and home networking
are also supported.
DVD Authoring
Activa 220's authoring software enables easy real-time archiving of home
movies from DV tape onto DVD disc or HDD. Formatting to DVD-R/-RW/-
RAM/+R/+RW is supported. All logical formats for DVD recording
(DVD+VR, DVD-VR, and DVD-Video) are supported.
Activa 220 concurrently outputs progressive and interlaced video, with
OSD optionally displayed allowing simultaneous viewing of progressive
video to TV while dubbing to VCR.
Application Programming Interface
the Activa 220 is accessed via a simple but powerful application
programming interface allowing quick time to market. Parameter driven
commands such as start encode and stop encode enable OEMs to
develop a rich feature set for digital recorder products.
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Activa® 220 / Activa® 230
+ Activa® 250
DVD Recorder
System-on-a-Chip + RF Amplifier
Product Brief
Activa 220/230 + 250 DVD Recorder Reference Design
Driving the Digital Lifestyle
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© Copyright 2006 Zoran Corporation. All rights reserved. Zoran, the Zoran logo, Activa, HDXtreme, and JPEGXtreme are trademarks of Zoran Corporation. All other brand product names and company names are
trademarks of their respective owners. Activa 220 incorporates Macrovision and Dolby Technologies. To obtain Activa 220, the recipient must have the appropriate licenses with these entities. Due to the programmability of
the Activa 220, other licenses may be required. The information in this document is believed to be reliable. However, Zoran Corporation makes no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of said information and
shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of whatever nature resulting from the use of, or reliance upon it. Zoran Corporation does not guarantee that the use of any information contained herein will not infringe upon
patent, trademark, copyright, or rights of third parties. Zoran Corporation reserves the right to make changes in the product and/or specifications, or both, presented in this publication at any time without notice.
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