Part Number


Manufacturer Hongfa Technology
Short Description RELAY SOCKETS
Long Description +299 DWMSO[Z E`c Kf2> D6977;4 C8>4I DA6=8ED 9OK[YOZ c Q_ [`cZki`Z jkie^k_ ZXe iXZ_ 6444S@B Xe[ k_ `ejlcXk`fe ij`jkXeZ `
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Datasheet : 18FF

  • 18-000-0016 (18-000-00xx) Double Pole Line Voltage Selectors
  • 18-000-0019 (18-000-00xx) Double Pole Line Voltage Selectors
  • 18-000-0022 (18-000-00xx) Double Pole Line Voltage Selectors
  • 18-000-0040 (18-000-00xx) Double Pole Line Voltage Selectors
  • 180-1 Unbased Lens-End Lamps
  • 1800 Axial Lead Inductors
  • 1800FP Color Monitor Service Manual
  • 1800PT Phase Control Thyristors
  • 1800R Radial Lead Inductors
  • 1802 Thyratrons
  • 1802FX MD1802FX
  • 1803DFH ST1803DFH
  • 1803DFX MD1803DFX
  • 1803DH ST1803DH
  • 1803DHI ST1803DHI
  • 1804B104xxx Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
  • 1804F104xxx Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
  • 1804N104xxx Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
  • 1808 Multilayer Chip Ceramic Capacitor
  • 1808Axxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808Cxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808Gxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808Hxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808JAxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808Jxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808Kxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808Sxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808Wxxx High Voltage MLC Chips
  • 1808xxx High Voltage MLC Chips
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